Mary Collier Fisher
P.O. Box 215, Nutting Lake, MA 01864
Specializing in Doorakian Daylily Introductions

Further reduction for 2011 from $316.50 to $250.00. "Since there was no Federal or State Stimulus Package for the Daylily world, I am initiating my own for the daylilies on this website. You can purchase the entire 2009-2010 Daylily Collection of 6 plants for a special price of $316.50 which includes Priority Mail, shipping and handling to stateside addresses."

Also, see our great discounts for 'PREVIOUS INTROS' that were over $100!

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CHUCK HUBBELL, Tet. EV, 5.75" light lavender pink flower with a beautiful gold ruffled edge above a dark green throat. 3 way branching, 34" scape, 20 buds and very fertile.  Available late may 2011  $100./SF, Sale Price $50/SF

KATE REED, Tet. Dormant, 5.5" Dark Purple flower, with a white edge on petals and sepals, green throat, 28" scape with 4 way branching and 23 buds, very fertile. Available late May 2011.  $100./SF, Sale price $50/SF

HEAVENLY TEARDROPS. Tet. Dormant, 8.25" flesh colored flower with a yellow-gold 3/4" edge of hooks and knobs with a small green eyezone, 30" scape with 20 buds and 3 way branching. The exotic large edging is passed on to its kids. Available late May 2011. $125./SF, Sale price $50/SF

JOAN DAHL, Dip. Dormant, 6" light pink flower with a large clear purple flamboyant eyezone covering 75% of the flower face and extending onto the speals. 34" scape, 6 way branching, 28 buds. Available late May 2011.  $125./SF, Sale price $50/SF

PAULA DOORAKIAN, Dip. Dormant, 7" light pink/lavender bi-tone flower with very light pink 1/2" edging on petals and light pink sepals. 30" scape, 3 way branching, 24 buds. Recurrent bloom. A child of 'Cosmic Legacy'. The kids have a myriad shadings of pink and purple with a very large edgings on petals and sepals - A great parent. Available late May 2011.  $100./SF, Sale price $50/SF

BLUE EYED BONNY, Dip. Dormant, 3" very light yellow flower with an unique slate blue striated eyezone extending onto sepals. Petals and sepals have a slight pie crust edging. 16" scape, 3 way branching with 18 buds. Foliage is small in keeping with flower size. A great rock graden or front of bed addition. Fertile, small flowered kids with unusual eyezone paterns. Available late May 2011.  $50./SF, Sale price $30/SF

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