2012 Introductions

Mary Collier Fisher
P.O. Box 215, Nutting Lake, MA 01864
Specializing in Doorakian Daylily Introductions


Senator Edward M. Kennedy is a dormant diploid, 36" tall scape with 24 buds, 7" diameter flower, medium red petals with a large greenish yellow eyezone. Sepals have a 1/2" light red band around the perimeter with the eyezone covering the remaining area. An eye stopper in the garden with re-bloom. This cultivar is also an excellent bud-builder.  The parentage includes Rose F. Kennedy as the female parent.  Very fertile both ways.  15% polymerous.  $75/SF Limited availability


Phill Warbasse is a 5.5" dormant diploid with a  34" scape, with 3 branches and 26 buds.  This beautiful Emerald Starburst kid has a large greenish/yellow eyezone spilling onto sepals and petals and a 3/4" dark red picotee on petals and sepals.  Very vigorous and stoleniferous.  10% polymerous.  $50/SF

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