2015 Introductions

Mary Collier Fisher
P.O. Box 215, Nutting Lake, MA 01864
Specializing in Doorakian Daylily Introductions
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Green Icon- a hybridizers dream: A 5" Diploid Emerald Starburst kid which has a 98% green self with off white picotee edging - - - the green stops you in your tracks. In very hot weather it has a curved back appearance and in cooler weather the flower is only slightly curved back. The green face of Green Icon is easily added to new seedlings. In a mature clump this dormant cultivar has a 34" scape height with 20 buds and 3 branches and blooms mid-season. $100/SF


Wellesley College- a 7" diameter Unusual Form flower, Diploid, Dormant.  Greenish-yellow with the ends of petals curving back in a crispate/cascade form.  48" scape height with 4-way branching. 10% polymerous. fertile both ways.  Customer favorite, raves about airy blooms, each large bloom identical over a long season, love the color, substance and height. A sib to Eileen J. Trainor.  $75/SF



Eileen J. Trainor- an 8.7" diameter Unusual Form (crispate/cascade) flower, Diploid, Dormant.  Light green with off white edges on petals.  End of petals roll back, light green sepals slightly roll back.  Plant has a 52" scape height, 4-way branching with 22 buds per scape.  10% polymerous.  Fertile both ways.   $75/SF


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