2017 Introductions

Mary Collier Fisher
P.O. Box 215, Nutting Lake, MA 01864
Specializing in Doorakian Daylily Introductions
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Teresa A. Mosher: a very distinctive diploid, dormant, cultivar with a 4.75" diameter flower. Eyezone is light grey and pink with light purple-red veining with medium light. purple-red lipstick pattern and edging onto light. pink-grey ruffled petals and light pink sepals. 34" scape, with three way branching and 22 buds. Pod fertile.


Adele Gabriel: Named after a special daylily friend, extraordinaire, Adele Gabriel Keohan. Adele possesses the highest qualities of integrity, compassion and most of all, professionalism. A nocturnal, dormant, diploid cultivar has a 3.5" diameter flower, with interesting pinkish red petals and curved back sepals and a greenish yellow eyezone. Scape Height 30", three way branching and 20 buds. Another kid of Emerald Starburst.


Kristen Gunning: This distinctive cultivar is named after George's Primary Care Physician, Kristen Gunning, M.D. who has provided him with exemplary care dealing with his several complex medical issues. The flower has a striking amethyst, triangular eyezone appliquéd over a green throat. In addition, this eyezone spills onto the curved back light lavender pink petals and sepals. A diploid, dormant cultivar with a 4" diameter flower, a scape height 25", three way branching and 25 buds (Emerald Starburst x Doorakian seedling). Fertile both ways.


Mary L. Lievens: This very attractive diploid, dormant 5” cultivar is a crimson red flower, with a distinctive green eyezone, and is named after George’s Cardiac Nurse Practitioner, Mary L. Lievens, NP, who has provided him with the highest professional care in helping him through difficult heart related crises. This plant has a flower scape height of 28", three way branching and 21 buds, and is a parent to the award winning "Rose F. Kennedy." Fertile both ways.

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