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Mary Collier Fisher
P.O. Box 215, Nutting Lake, MA 01864
Specializing in Doorakian Daylily Introductions
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NANCY BRITZ (2002) is a 27" tall mid-season dormant diploid with diamond dusted cream flowers and with pink highlights.  NANCY BRITZ has a bright green throat extending 30 percent onto petal surfaces.  NANCY BRITZ produces kids with large bright green throats.  It may not be well known but it's truly a garden standout- one of the best in its class.  Reblooms.    $20 d/f


PATSY CUNNINGHAM (2005) is a 32" tall mid-season dormant tetraploid hardy to at least USDA Zone 5.   It bears a large diameter 7.0" yellow (self) flower.  Petals have a beautiful 0.5" heavy ruffled edge and a green throat.  Ruffled sepals are pale yellow.  PATSY CUNNINGHAM's complex heritage includes 'Techny Spider', 'Twist of Lemon', and 'Liz Shreiner'.  It has three-way branching and 18 buds.  PATSY CUNNINGHAM is fertile both ways with many seedlings being UFO's with edges close to 0.75".  $85 s/f


PHIL REILLY  (2003) is a 30" tall mid-season dormant tetraploid out of 'Angel's Smile'.  Its 7.5" light lavender cream flower has pink stippling and a gold wire edge.  PHIL REILLY is a great parent for producing kids with stippling effects and gold edges.  Reblooms.  $20 d/f


QUEEN KATHLEEN (2003) is a 32" tall evergreen reblooming mid-season diploid with five way branching. It bears a spidery 8.0" diameter flower with a cream-green color blend above a large green throat extending 60 percent onto petal surfaces. QUEEN KATHLEEN is an excellent parent, fertile both ways, producing spectacular kids to at least USDA Zone 7. Sold Out



ROSE F. KENNEDY (RFK) (2007), 33" diploid- dormant, hardy to at least USDA Zone 5 with a 7.5" diameter flower, 4 way branching and 24 buds.  If water and fertilizer are added during the growing season, the blooms are 9" in diameter.  The first in the series of "Emerald Stardust" kids.  RFK is a large, very distinctive flower with a large green face and purple-red picotee, with a great garden presence.   A super breeder, fertile both ways, with green kids varying in diameter from 6.0" to 9.0".  A must for breeders in search of large green throats.  $125 s/f Limited Supply


TELLTALE HEART (2006) is a 28" tall mid-season dormant diploid hardy to at least USDA Zone 5.   It bears a large diameter 6.5" diameter flowers.  Petals and sepals have a striking plum color with a large green throat.  TELLTALE HEART is a very unusual, mysterious, distinctive purple-red eyezone.  It has three-way branching and 20 buds.  TELLTALE HEART is fertile both ways and its kids have been spectacular(!) with myriad shades of purple and red with etched eyezones.  $100 s/f Limited


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